Buttocks so it absolutely nothing girl in the bosom off Thy like, and provide it dairy regarding the nipple off Thy Providence
Acknowledged feel Thou, O Lord my personal Goodness! Graciously offer that this infant end up being fed throughout the nipple away from Thy delicate compassion and you will enjoying providence and stay nourished on the fresh fruit out of Thy celestial woods. Experience him not to ever feel dedicated to the care of people save your self Thee, inasmuch as Thou, Thyself, from the potency out of Thy sovereign have a tendency to and you can energy, didst manage and you will name him into the being. Discover none most other Goodness but Thee, the new Almighty, the brand new Every-Knowing.

Permit him next to look for defense under the shade out of Thy very exalted Term, O Thou Which holdest in the Thy master the new kingdom off brands and you will services. Verily, Thou ways powerful accomplish just what Thou willest, and you can Thou ways in reality the fresh Great, the fresh Exalted, the brand new Ever before-Forgiving, the brand new Grateful, brand new Reasonable, brand new Merciful.

O Thou peerless Lord! Allow this suckling girl be nursed in the nipple away from Thy loving-kindness, protect they during the cradle from Thy protection and you may defense and you may offer that it be reared regarding the fingers out-of Thy tender passion.

O Jesus! Cultivate this fresh bush regarding the rose garden out of Thy love and you may support they to expand from shower enclosures away from Thy bounty. Create a kid of your own kingdom, and you can make it Thy beautiful world. Thou artwork strong and type, and you will Thou artwork this new Bestower, the new Nice, the father away from exceeding bounty.

(The fresh Prayer to your Dry ‘s the only Baha’i required prayer that’ll be recited when you look at the congregation; it is are recited of the one to believer while you are all present stand-in silence.Continue reading