Manitoba Pupil Help. Ask for Financial Changes

You’ve got issues. We’ve responses!

If you’re getting capital from a company more than Manitoba Student Aid (MSA), classes and work service (TES) or Employability help if you have Disabilities (EAPD), please have their sponsoring agency complete this form. If you’re a TES or EAPD customer, please contact TES or EAPD and they’re going to submit their funding ideas right to MSA.

Separation Notice

To report a separation, be sure to fill the Separation Notice out.

To report adjustment to your earnings and assets be sure to fill the Request out for Financial modification

Ask for Modifications Before Funds Issued

To report modifications to your class or system facts be sure to fill the request out for Changes Before Funds Issued

Ask for Modifications After Funds Issued

To report adjustment to their tuition, study period dates, put a phrase of learn or report a withdrawal, be sure to fill the request out for Changes After Funds Issued

Request Further Expenses

To request further expenses feel included with their assessment, please fill out of the demand for extra prices

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