UNCF and African Pride Announce A $1 Million Student Loan Relief Initiative
Student loan debt has become so pervasive in society that many 2020 Presidential Candidates are building their platforms around the issue. A recent study has found that over 83% of black students find themselves borrowing private and federal loans.

When looking to make an impact on their core consumer demographic, African Pride found that their consumer’s ages 18-35 were not only searching for ways to style and maintain their natural hair, but that they were also dealing with the stress and anxiety that comes with repaying student loans and trying to build a stable financial future.

Dawn Thompson, Executive Vice President, and Chief Marketing Officer at Strength of Nature (an African Pride/JFM Curl Peace parent company) says that during discussions with Kendria Strong, Director of Marketing for African Pride and Kelly Keith, Vice President of JFM Curl Peace and Premium Brands on how to improve their products and offerings based on the needs of their consumers, they started digging a bit deeper than hair care.Continue reading